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The pandemic changed the way we operate. If you haven’t reviewed your contracts in a while, now’s the time to ensure these agreements are pertinent in today’s business environment:

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"I highly recommend InPrime. Unfortunately, if you own a business long enough you will experience legal issues of some kind. Jonathan and his team really spent the time to get to know my business and prevent legal issues on the front end. They act more like business partners than typical attorneys. "

"InPrime takes a unique approach to legal work where the business is first. This proactive approach has shielded our company from significant liability over the years that I never would have anticipated. But that is the value of InPrime. They anticipate the needs of your business to protect you before a legal issue arises. "

"Jonathan and his staff have been instrumental in getting our organization off the ground. They are incredibly professional and creative. From structure to value proposition, they have a wealth of knowledge and a genuine interest in our success."

– Kate Rehg

– Stephen Kaplan

– Larry Parker

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"InPrime Legal has done a phenomenal job supporting our business. With InPrime at our side, we now have the confidence we need to expand and triple our business. We have peace of mind because of their work to strengthen our legal foundation. Their service is so astounding that I was easily able to recognize a positive ROI within the first two months."

Jeff Kingsley, IACT Health